Hi guys, hope you’re all keeping safe and well in these strange times.  Thank goodness for the amazing weather which makes the lockdown more enjoyable! It does get monotonous this not working lark though especially when you’re used to working the hours we do so when you get the opportunity to do something to fill the time, you jump at the chance!

We were contacted by our fabulous customer Jamie Genevieve who is a well known make up artist, Instagram star and YouTuber.  Jamie was doing a new show on the BBC called Jamie Genevieve’s Great Indoors where Jamie and husband Jack learn new skills whilst being stuck at home during the lockdown.  That’s where Caprese DC came in.  Jamie wanted to learn how to cook her favourite Spaghetti Tiger Prawns with the help of Ilia via video link.

Ilia did a great job instructing Jamie and she did very well for her first attempt!  You can watch all 3 episodes on BBC I Player Jamie Genevieve’s Great Indoors with Ilia featuring in episode 2.  Enjoy and stay safe guys 😘😘😘😘