Hi guys! You may have noticed we have our new website up and running finally (after 9 years in our new place!) and with that also comes our new blog!

This is where you’ll find all things Caprese related with a bit of personal stuff too. Here we’ll update you with the latest news and also what we’re all getting up to in these strange times.

The lockdown has been hard for us all both with the business and our family life. We’re missing out on so much!  Missing the chat from our regulars, missing the live music nights when everyone fights for a space to show off their dance moves, missing our team, just missing being around everyone in general really, it’s so sad. Miss you all and want this to be over.

Personally, we’ve all had to cope with not being around our families. Myself (Jo) and Costanzo flew out to Capri at the end of January with the intention of returning to Scotland at the end of March. Covid put an end to those plans so we are still stuck in Italy (not so bad) and looks like we will now just stick it out for the summer.  Ilia is staying at home with husband Stephen and her oldest boy Corey with his girlfriend, meanwhile her youngest Jordan is living with his girlfriend and her parents with Jordan making daily visits for chats at a distance over the garden fence, it’s all very surreal.   We all miss the physical contact but thank goodness for WhatsApp when we can at least see each other’s faces!

Who knows when this will all end.  We want our lives to get back to normal again and when it does we are having the biggest release party ever 😂😂


Stay safe everyone and we will see you on the other side!